Parallax 1 Update Coming Soon

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Parallax 1 Update Coming SoonJust in time for the release of Parallax 2 we are going to update Parallax 1. We will add an improved Gamecenter integration, more fluid gameplay and tilt-controls that work like a charm. We hope you'll like all the improvements we made...

Omicron Update 2013

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Major Omicron Update 20122013 we will release a major update for Omicron. Since we don't want this nice little game to become a "Zombie App" we'll take good care of it again ;). We are going to completely reprogram the game engines and add a brand new design by professional designer Hannes Nordiek. We really love his designs and think he's just the perfect guy for an Omicron redesign. And who knows... maybe the App will be featured again by Apple and we can finally afford to rent a new office without rats and water damage.

Parallax Update 1.5.1

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Parallax Update 1.5.1+ ATTENTION, EARTHLINGS! +
Our earth embassador provided us with bug reports regarding that device you call "new iPad":

- Bugfix for new iPad retina displays
- Performance improvements